Casa Vertigo Wedding Venue


Casa Vertigo is located in Los Angeles. It was built in 1926. As a matter of fact, this building was originally a Masonic Temple. Not only is it a historic building, but is centrally located in Downtown Los Angeles.


The venue has a variety of spaces. Moreover, it is a historic landmark. Additionally, restaurants, clubs and hotels fill the area.

As a matter of fact, it is located near three freeways. Everyone is LA is familiar with this landmark. Most noteworthy, large billboards welcome visitors.


In 2010 the venue was lovingly restored. Onsite managers ensure every detail is perfect.

In the first place, there is 88,000 square feet of event space. This is perfect for weddings. In addition 13,000 square feet of rooftop is spectacular for events. Furthermore, Mitzvah birthday, corporate events and weddings will all find this perfect.

There are VIP areas on every level. Additionally, there is ample onsite parking. Modern technical equipment is provided. There is a Bridal Vanity Suite not to mention a Groom’s room.

Equally important, the main Ballroom can accommodate 450-800. Similarly, the second Ballroom holds 250-300. Finally, an onsite chapel that seats 100 guests.

Downtown LA Wedding Photographer Amy Haberland
Welcome to LA!
Luxury Wedding photographer Amy Haberland Photography
Guests enter the elegant Chateau ballroom
Gold balloons at vertigo event space  photography Amy Haberland
Balloon wall in shades of gold and yellow!
DJ photography Casa Vertigo Amy Haberland
DJ spinning in addition to rose bouquets.
Casa Vertigo Wedding Table
martini glasses and shaker Los Angeles wedding photographer Amy Haberland
Casa Vertigo Floral Centerpiece Los Angeles wedding photography
Casa Vertigo Bridal Table Amy Haberland Photography
Beautiful place setting together with pretty linens.
Casa Vertigo wedding venue amy haberland photography
casa vertigo wedding table set up LA wedding photographer Amy Haberland
Casa Vertigo Ballroom Amy Haberland Photography
Guests mingle in the Ballroom.
Rooftop sunset Amy Haberland Photography
Ice cream served alongside a gorgeous sunset.
Casa vertigo wedding photographer amy haberland photography

Orange and pink Los Angles Sunset Amy Haberland Photography
Spectacular orange sunset from Casa Vertigo rooftop.
DTLA skyline at night Amy Haberland Photography
Night view of Downtown Los Angeles skyline.
Casa Vertigo DTLA Amy Haberland Photography
Everyone is a star at Casa Vertigo!
Casa Vertigo at night Amy Haberland Photography
The beautiful exterior at night.

Casa Vertigo is located at 1828 Oak Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015. Their phone number is 213-746-4490. Check out their website ! Amy Haberland Photography loves this space for photography!